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a to-the-trade sourcing and procurement program


Trade by Ethan Charles Design is a new take on traditional trade programs that centers the unique needs of the design community.

Our To-The-Trade team provides more than products—we provide hands-on help with sourcing, recommendations, samples, quotes, and vendor relationships. Our team even offers a full order management experience that accounts for every step of the sourcing process so that our designers can focus more of their time and attention on enhancing their creativity, profitability, and growth. This comprehensive service includes ordering, logistics, tracking, and troubleshooting as needed.


Once you’ve applied for our trade program, you will receive a list of our preferred manufacturers. Even if a vendor is not on our current list of partners, we are happy to procure items from them for your project. After signing off on our terms and conditions, you will be sent information for your point of contact at ECD, who will serve as your dedicated rep for all things procurement–including samples, suggestions, vendor relationships, and logistics.

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